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Restaurants open in August in Lyon

Places open this week

The Gourmet Agenda !

Last updated date : 03/08/2023

To give your taste buds a treat in Lyon this summer, find our selection of restaurants that are open over the period.
For each weak, you can discover various places to satisfy even the smallest urge for food. 
We promise that even in the week of the 15th of August, you’ll know where to eat in Lyon!

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Just for you, we have picked some excellent addresses that are open in August, week by week.

Including bouchons (authentic local eateries), world cuisine, and brasseries, with or without a terrace, there is no shortage of great places to choose from in summer!

During the first two weeks of the month, forty or so restaurants remain open and ready to welcome you.
Here is a list of establishments that are open

If there is one tip to bear in mind, it is to make the most of the week of the 15th of August to experience Lyon’s finest restaurants. This date is a public holiday and there will be less people around, so it’s a good opportunity to cross a few addresses off your bucket list.

In the last two weeks of August, the end of summer begins to appear on the horizon, so there’s even more reason to treat yourself to some meals out to sample the talent of Lyon’s chefs!

We wish you a wonderful summer filled with delicious culinary discoveries!