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Lyon and its Metropole are committed

Towards more responsible tourism

Sustainable Tourism in Lyon

In 2019, Our city was awarded first place for European Capital of Smart Tourism, along with Helsinki. This award is granted by the European Union to reward the most innovative and responsible cities in terms of tourism. Respect for heritage and the environment, a driving force for inclusion and accessibility... Building on this achievement, Greater Lyon and ONLYLYON Tourism & Conventions have decided to go even further and make new commitments to greater responsibility in tourism. 

Les quais de Saône et Saint-Georges  - Photo Martin M303 / Shutterstock_11414188

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What is responsible tourism in Lyon? 

In addition to respecting the environment, which is of course essential, it is also about cultivating the well-being of residents and visitors, making offers accessible to all, and to ensure the authenticity of the experience by bringing people together.

It also means allowing everyone to benefit from this practice in a beneficial cycle that creates business, and generates meaning for all those involved and pride for visitors and residents alike.

A more responsible way of visiting means not being afraid to slow down the pace, allowing time to think and try new things, setting out on a new path and contributing to change.


"The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) show us the path to reaching a better and more sustainable future for all. They are a response to the global challenges we face, including ones linked to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The goals are interconnected and, to make sure nobody gets left behind, it is important to achieve them all, while meeting the related targets, by 2030"* (*source UNorg)

Dans sa stratégie pour un tourisme plus responsable, ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès a choisi de se concentrer sur les 10 ODD suivants : Faim zéro, bonne santé et bien-être, travail décent et croissance économique, inégalités réduites, villes et communautés durables, consommation et production responsables, mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques, vie aquatique, vie terrestre, partenariats pour la réalisation des objectifs.

ONLYLYON Tourism’s 2021-2025 Responsible Tourism Strategy builds on the Plan for the Development of Sustainable Tourism implemented in Lyon. This strategy is structured into 7 main pillars and 55 actions targeted at the 10 SDGs identified as priorities.

In 2023, 49 actions were completed out of the 55 planned actions. This means that the 2023 action plan achievement rate is 94%!
Each of the 49 actions carried out are aimed at one or more SDGs.

The achievement rates for each of our strategy’s main pillars:  

(note: because a single action can be aimed at several main pillars, the actions are not cumulative)  

ODD - Nombre d'actions menées et taux de réalisation par pilier

2023 key performance indicators for our Sustainable Tourism Strategy:

Indicateurs clés 2023 de performance de notre stratégie Tourisme Responsable : les actions menées par nos adhérents

Legend : Key figures for our actions
Out of a total of 613 members:

  • 80 members engaged in sustainable certification
  • 212 participants at our meeting
  • 56 members with the ‘Accueil Vélo’ (cyclist-friendly) certification 
  • 48 members receiving financial assistance or support for the ecological transition of their operations

Spotlight on a few actions carried out in 2023: 

Goal: Include local residents in tourism development
Actions and results:

  • More than 690 contributions to our online consultation designed for residents
    We want to hear your opinion 
  • The first Tourism & Residents meetings held in May 2023: 23 ideas put forward; 800 votes to identify 3 ideas to work on together.

Goal: Improve our impacts and mitigate the effects of climate change
Actions and results

  • 100% of employees at the Tourist Office participated in awareness-raising sessions on climate challenges and CSR
  • Analysis of our carbon footprint since 2020: 24% reduction of our carbon footprint in 2022.
  • Raise awareness of impact-reduction challenges among Lyon’s tourism stakeholders: 212 participants at 9 workshops and meetings organised in 2023
  • Reduce single-use plastic bottle consumption through the national #gourdefriendly (water-bottle-friendly) initiative: More than 115 partners will be happy to fill your reusable water bottle for you.
  • Assist tourism professionals in achieving environmental certification: 21 new accommodation providers certified by ‘Clef Verte’/Green Key in 2023 throughout the territory.  

Goal: Guarantee the authenticity of the experience by promoting friendly interactions
Actions and results

  • Enable interactions between residents and visitors through the deployment of the Greeters initiative: 72 volunteers and residents in the metropolitan area share their favourite spots in Lyon and the surrounding area, to allow visitors to experience them “like a local” 292 outings for 708 people in 2023.

Goal: Encourage local and responsible consumption
Actions and results

  • With the address recommendations in 'A la Lyonnaise' (magazine and social networks) distributed at more than 300 locations in the metropolitan area.
  • By promoting the initiatives ‘Engagé à Lyon’ (engaged in Lyon) and ‘Fabriqué à Lyon’ (made in Lyon) to buy locally.

And the list goes on!

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