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Inspirational professionals of Lyon

From an idea to a good practice

Sustainable Tourism in Lyon

In order to truly be an environmentally-responsible destination, we depend on the commitment of tourism professionals! In Lyon, we are quite lucky – we have been home, for several years now, to various committed organisations who share their ideas and vision for a sustainable destination. Be warned, you may be inspired by their good practices!

Prochasson Frédéric - Shutterstock
Le jardin des Musées Gadagne © P. Meyer  / Musée Gadagne
The banks of the Saône River © ww.b-rob.com

Inspirational professionals of Lyon

Pauline Grumel, ambassador of Smart Tourism in Lyon

© Les Petites Cantines
The banks of the Saône © Xavier Béguet / Zefoto

Inspirational professionals of Lyon

Valérie Heitz, ambassador of Smart Tourism in Lyon

© Restaurant Christian Têtedoie

Inspirational professionals of Lyon

Christian Têtedoie, ambassador of Smart Tourism in Lyon