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The Lumière Festival - Grand Lyon Film Festival

Major events

Last updated date : 22/02/2024

The birth city of Cinematography hosts the Lumière Festival and invites filmmakers, actors, critics, historians and writers to come and celebrate its vitality and memory. A whole week of films, non-stop!

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Our message to all film buffs: reserve the entire week to attend this film festival for all devoted to the history of cinema.

In a few words and highlights, here’s what you can expect:
Nearly 170 films in their original languages, new copies or restored versions, presented by key figures of the cinema.

Many events and meetings: a great opening night at La Halle Tony Garnier, plus retrospectives, thematic nights, exhibitions, master classes, meetings, debates, and autograph-signing sessions… Not forgetting a session devoted to younger members of the public, on Wednesday afternoon, also at La Halle Tony Garnier.

Every day, a Cinema Village, with a book store, DVD store and meeting point will be available for your enjoyment.
Another distinctive feature of this event is that you’ll get to see key figures every evening in the friendly atmosphere of the Village.

During the evening closing event, the Prix Lumière is awarded to a great actor or director for his/her entire work and contribution to the history of cinema. During former editions, the Prix Lumière has been awarded to such people as Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman, Ken loach, Gérard Depardieu, Quentin Tarantino, Pedro Almodovar, Martin Scorcese, Catherine Deneuve, Wong Kar-wai, Jane fonda, Francis Ford Coppola, Jean-Luc and Pierre Dardenne and Jane Campion, in the presence of numerous key figures of the cinema. This year the prize goes to Tim Burton.

Lyon, the city of cinema, offers a dream week to all film buffs!

Practical information


Lieux divers - 69123 Lyon


From Monday 14 to Sunday 20 October 2024. Dates to be confirmed.

Major events

The Lumière Festival - Grand Lyon Film Festival

Lieux divers

Lieux divers - 69123 Lyon

04 78 76 77 78

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