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What to do in Lyon in August?

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Last updated date : 01/08/2023

Some people would have you believe that there’s nothing to do in the Lyon metropolitan area in the month of August… While it’s true that the city does feel a bit like it’s on holiday, with less people in the metro (who’s complaining?) and more time for leisurely strolls (at last!), there are plenty of ideas for things to see and do. This selection of events shows that there’s no risk of getting bored in Lyon in August.

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Music and concerts in Lyon in August

The Nuits de Fourvière festival draws to an end in late July, but fear not because Lyon’s music scene will not be taking a break in August, far from it! In addition to the major festival Woodstower, held each year at the end of August, at Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, there will be many other opportunities to listen to live music during the month.

Cinema in Lyon in August

Cinema fans can rest assured that the outdoor film screenings will be continuing in August! From great classics to recent releases, you’ll be able to enjoy films in their original language versions under the stars until the end of the month. Screenings will be held on Place Ambroise Courtois, as part of ‘L'été en Cinémascope’, as well as in other parks and outdoor spaces, thanks to the festival ‘Tout l'Monde Dehors’ (everybody outdoors).

Exhibitions in Lyon in August

Make the most of the month of August to (re)discover exhibitions in Lyon that are still running. What’s more, you can cool off with the air con.

The night of the stars

In August each year, people gaze up at the sky above the Lyon metropolitan area during the traditional ‘nuit des étoiles’ (night of the stars). This is a unique opportunity to observe shooting stars (and make a few wishes).