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Lyon: 10 children’s museum outing ideas

As a family

Last updated date : 04/05/2023

Answering questions from one while preventing the other from playing with the exhibits… A museum visit with children can sometimes seem like a real struggle! To avoid stressing out, you simply need to pick child-friendly museums. Creative workshops, guided tours, educational booklets… their programmes change regularly but are always packed. Follow the guide! Here are our Lyon museum outing ideas to spark your kids’ curiosity.

Sortie enfants au musée Lugdunum - © Métropole de Lyon - Milène Jallais

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In Lyon, children are spoiled for choice. Loads of museums put on accessible, educational and fun collections for kids. What luck! Because we know how important it is for these enthusiastic but demanding visitors to have a sensory, immersive experience in museums to make learning fun. Awesome activities for kids in Lyon!

Museums for (big) kids

This list’s non-exhaustive but will still make your head spin! Also check out our page focusing on Lyon’s museum’s.

Musée Cinéma et Miniature

In the heart of Lyon’s old town, in the listed historic building of the former Maison des Avocats (i.e., lawyers’ centre), the Cinema & Miniature Museum is one of the city’s must-see destinations. Huge numbers of visitors from all over Lyon come to admire its one-of-a-kind permanent collection, featuring over a hundred ultra-realistic miniature scenes. This two-in-one museum also houses a collection focusing on cinema techniques and special effects, including more than 450 mythical items from film sets. Your kids will be hooked and you’ll be able to hear a pin drop.
Ideal from 7 years old.

Musée des Arts de la Marionnette (MAM, i.e. puppeteering museum) and Petit Musée de Guignol

I’m sure you’re well aware that Guignol (the French equivalent of Mr Punch) is a star in Lyon. Two museums focus on him specifically, and puppeteering in general.
The first, the MAM, gives you the chance to be puppeteer for the day, learning the ropes (or should that be strings?), trade secrets, and performance techniques.

The Petit musée de Guignol, (i.e., little Guignol museum) tells the tale of Guignol’s creation through animated scenes.
Ideal from 4 years old.

Musée des Confluences

At the tip of Lyon’s peninsula, seemingly emerged, this glass, concrete and stainless steel structure fascinates kids and is worth the trip on its own. An educational booklet guides them through the 3,000m² permanent collection covering three major disciplines: natural sciences, human sciences, and sciences and technologies. The Musée des Confluences for kids also means missions to rescue museum artefacts, sensory visits, workshops, and plenty of other events.
Ideal from 5 years old.

Ronde des animaux au musée des Confluence - © Musée des Confluences

Musée de l'illusion de Lyon

In the magnificent setting of the Grand Hôtel Dieu, Lyon’s Museum of Illusions celebrates tricks of the eye and plays with our senses! Your intrepid children will set off into the three-dimensional world created by the Vortex Tunnel, see their misshapen reflection in the Hall of Mirrors, or attempt to answer riddles in the Games Room. Every puzzle or challenge is a chance to learn more about ourselves, exploring our perceptions and how our brains work. Equal parts destabilising and enlightening, it’s no surprise that the Musée de l’illusion is a real hit with kids!
Ideal from 7 years old.

Children’s workshops: another approach to museums in Lyon

Some museums in Lyon have gone the extra mile, putting on a wide range of children-only visits, workshops and activities.  Don’t forget to book!

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (i.e. Lyon museum of fine arts)

Atelier jardin au musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon - © Musée des Beaux-Arts

There’s no shortage of magic moments to share with family at Musée des Beaux-Arts! 90-min guided tours for 6- to 12-year olds, workshops combining observation of works of art and artistic techniques, or “First steps in the museum”, a sensory tour of the museum for kids aged 3 years old and up… Families have plenty to pick from!
Ideal from 3 years old.

Cité du Chocolat Valrhona and Musée du chocolat de Lyon Sève (MUSCO, i.e. Lyon chocolate museum)

You can let your kids know that their wish has been granted: there really is a chocolate museum… two even! In the Rhône valley, the Cité du Chocolat's 2-hr interactive visit features everything from trade secrets to top-notch tasting. There’s even a Gourmet School on site for kids to attend.
And MUSCO, which was opened in Limonest by Richard and Gaëlle Sève, puts on a gustatory and sensory journey for gourmets of all ages, plus pastry workshops. 
Ideal from 5 years old.

Lugdunum - Musée et Théâtres romains (i.e., museum and Roman theatres)

Atelier enfants au musée Lugdunum - © Métropole de Lyon - Milène Jallais

Teaching kids about history? It’s a challenge this must-see Lyon museum has down to a T! The children’s collection lets kids immerse themselves in everyday life in Roman times by dressing up as Romans or trying out ancient games, particularly from a fun booklet created with publisher Maison Georges. Lugdunum for kids also means: short-but-sweet visits (15-20 mins to learn about an artefact), artistic and creative workshops, all-day courses, etc. Bored? No way!
Ideal from 6 years.

Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon (MAC Lyon, i.e., Lyon museum of contemporary art)

Just a stone’s throw from the Parc de la Tête d’Or opposite stands MAC. It’s USP? Temporary exhibitions only. They are all designed to teach kids about new forms of contemporary expression via guided tours, workshops, etc. They can even invite their friends to celebrate their birthday! 
Ideal from 4 years old.


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