Parks, gardens, green open spaces and embankments: in each district, natural areas have been preserved to give people somewhere pleasant to go for a walk, ride a bike, relax, read a book or chat.
The riverbanks are being developed to accommodate long promenades that link Tête d'Or Park to Gerland Park, where alternative means of transport are favoured. 
The banks of the Saône also provide a delightful walkway for pedestrians, punctuated by contemporary works of art.

Lyon pays careful attention to the quality of its living environment, and aims to remain attractive for future generations. This is why all its major projects, such as the Rhône embankments, the Confluence district and the banks of the Saône…, are designed in keeping with sustainable development requirements. Everything contributes towards putting humankind at the heart of the city's expansion, and preserving the environment.
You've seen and enjoyed the city, so why not now see Lyon in its natural glory?