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Lyon by bike

Get a handle on cycling

Access, come and move in Lyon

Last updated date : 09/04/2024

To get about in a practical, environmentally-friendly and economical way, hop on your bike.

Les Berges du Rhône face au Grand Hôtel-Dieu © Tristan Deschamps / ONLY LYON Tourisme et Congrès

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Whether or not you’re in the habit of cycling, for day-to-day or occasional journeys, you have most probably already ridden on some of the 870 km of cycle paths and cycle lanes in the metropolitan area. In case you’re wondering what the difference is:

  • A cycle lane is a special lane for cyclists, marked out by a line separating it from the rest of the road.
  • A cycle path is a path reserved for cyclists, completely separate from the road.

Now the definitions are clear, let’s move on to more practical matters!

Routes and subscription options

To plan your journey, this map of cycle routes is a must! Among other things, it shows the location of Vélo’v stations, where you can pick up and drop off bikes to hire for an hour, a few days or even longer. There are various subscriptions available to find a solution that meets your needs. Among them, the Lyon City Card is perfect for visiting friends or family.

Whether you’re a regular or occasional user of Vélo’v bikes, you will find the solution you need here!

Vélo'v © Métropole de Lyon


Vélo'v : Lyon’s self-service cycle scheme

Lyon Metropole has 5,000 bikes available in its public hire scheme spread around the city’s 428 stations and 22 municipalities ! Practical, Vélo'v cycles are available to hire 24/7.


Where to park

Vélo'v au parc de la Tête d'Or - Yanis Ourabah

Now you’re equipped with a personal or rental bike, think about your journey. Using a bike for short journeys is great, but you need to know where to park it while you’re busy on your errand. With a Vélo’v bike, in addition to the regular system, there is an overflow system that allows you to park a bike outside of a station, but only for a few minutes! Another option is to download the "official Vélo’v smartphone app, which shows available spaces nearby.

Lyon Parc Auto (LPA) has more than 900 parking spaces for private bicycles. With this secure service, you can be sure to find your bike where you left it and in one piece.

The bicycle park and ride service, managed by Sytral, also provides secure spaces to leave your bike. The only requirement is to be a holder of a TCL or Oùra transport pass.

Sharing the road

Contra-flow streets, pedestrian priority areas, greenways… New types of public spaces are opening up, which require new rules to be followed […] for your safety and that of other users, act responsibly.” The above is an extract from le petit guide des bonnes conduites, a guide of golden rules for road users. Getting around by bike is a positive action, as long as it is done in total safety. This guide summarises the essential points you need to get around safely. Cycling in cities is not just about traffic jams and stress. Cycling can also play a social role, as long as the rules are respected. When they are, you will see that cycling is also a great way to meet other people. This guide opens up the path to new adventures…

The right address

Want to learn more about road safety? Head to La Maison du Vélo Lyon, where you can get information and advice on cycling in urban areas and more. La Maison du Vélo holds fun and friendly events and it’s also a good place to come to get ideas for days out and receive technical assistance if you encounter problems. A punctured tyre or slipped chain? No worries. La Maison du Vélo provides expert advice and the tools you need to repair and maintain your bike.

Now you have all the resources you need to making cycling a part of your daily life at your fingertips. Once you’ve started you may never want to give it up!

Lyon by bike

Itineraries to explore Lyon on bicycle

There are many ways to get around Lyon. Ranked by the company Betterway as France’s second city for cycling, Lyon – the “Capital of the Gauls” – offers a wide choice of bicycle rental solutions for a day, as well as safe cycle paths. Our diverse and varied selection of itineraries to discover Lyon’s heritage by bicycle, Vélo’v (Lyon’s shared cycle scheme) or electric bicycle, for cyclists of all levels.