Ninkasi is also however a local label, exclusive to Lyon and celebrating its 20th anniversary as a brewpub, bar and restaurant, café and concert venue, and let’s not forget concert hall. It will soon have fifteen different locations throughout the city, making it a veritable local institution in Lyon! Whether you are in the Croix-Rousse or La Guillotière neighbourhoods or in Villeurbanne, Brignais or La Soie, there is certainly a Ninkasi close to you!

In these festive locations you can enjoy one (or several) of the 9 standard or seasonal crafted beers, à la carte or custom-made burgers, and various snacks and gourmet desserts made from products mainly produced by local suppliers.

Ninkasi also has a very heavy musical schedule that's well worth keeping an eye on: concerts are held in most bars and come in all shapes and sizes, and the driving force behind all this is the huge Ninkasi Kao music hall in the Gerland district, which has hosted some impressive performers for this unique location. In other words, this is a safe bet for any evenings out!