Cap Confluent


Rent a permit-free riverboat and discover the city's river heritage as well as the pleasure of sailing on the Saône. After an lesson on the navigation rules and boat commands, you will become the captain. It's up to you to decide the rhythm and length of your trip according to your desires, and you then decide on your end point, taking into consideration the duration of the trip. Multiple routes are offered - crossing Lyon city centre. Certain routes will take you across the Lyonnais countryside.

All of our routes begin and end at Confluence:

  • 1h rental - 49 €*: Visit of the quays of the Saone river along the Vieux Lyon. Across the city centre as far as the 'Homme de la Roche' and then return to Confluence.
  • 2h rental - 92 €*: After crossing the city centre, discover what Ile Barbe has to offer while doing a tour of the Island before returning to Confluence.
  • 3h rental - 130 €*: After crossing the city centre and Ile Barbe, you begin to see a more wild and natural Saone. Discover Ile Roy, which cannot be accessed by car.
  • 4h rental - 165 €*: Discover everything previously mentioned and travel as far as the Monts D'Or.
  • Daily rental - 320 €*: Navigate the boat as you wish, and eat with food from our partner restaurants

* Petrol and insurance included