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Heritage / UNESCO

Lyon has been growing and evolving for 2,000 years!


From the ancient theatres and abundant ruins that date back to Gallo-Roman times, winding through the Middle Ages and Renaissance influences in Vieux-Lyon, from the classical buildings on the Presqu'île, to the canuts and silk manufacturing workshops in the Croix-Rousse…Over time, the city stretched itself along the banks of the river Saône, later encompassing the Rhône and beyond, and today has reached the Confluence area, all while managing to preserve its precious heritage.

Les quais de Saône et le Vieux Lyon  © Martin M303/

Each era has left its traces and architectural, pictorial, literary, silky, gourmet and festive works have created a true cultural dynamism. It is for this continuity and architectural harmony that UNESCO has inscribed the historic urban site of Lyon as a World Heritage Site, namely 500 hectares that cover Fourvière, Old Lyon, the Presqu'île and the slopes of the Croix-Rousse. A beautiful recognition of which Lyonnais (people of Lyon) are proud!

Cour des Voraces © Tichr/

Heritage / UNESCO

Remarkable sites and monuments

Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere © Davizro Photography/

Heritage / UNESCO

Religious heritage

Ancient Theatre of Fourviere © Taromon/

Heritage / UNESCO


Old medieval courtyard traboule © Tatiana Popova/

Heritage / UNESCO


orange design cube in Confluence Jakob+MacFarlane © Dvoevnore/

Heritage / UNESCO