• Book your accommodation as early as you can! You'll find well-situated accommodation to help you get the most from your evenings. Upon your arrival in Lyon: if you’re staying within the security perimeter (the entire city centre and Fourvière) and arrive after it has been closed: remember to bring proof of your reservation.
  • Remember to book a restaurant especially if you're a gourmet and want to dine at the time of your choice, and in your favourite restaurant! 
    This year, refreshment areas are being provided where you will find quality snacks: Place Bellecour, Parc Blandan, Les Subs and the garden of the Institut Lumière.  
  • Dress up warm! It's cold in December in Lyon. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Recharge your batteries! And don't forget to check that the batteries in your mobile phone, camcorder and camera are charged before you leave!
  • Toilets: additional facilities will be placed on Place Bellecour. You can also read our article on public toilets in Lyon or the city's website: they offer some very useful tips!


ONLYLYON tourist office on Place Bellecour:
Extended opening hours during the 4 days of the festival of Lights: from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
non-stop on 8 to 10 December and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on 11 December 2022. 
On the other days: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. non-stop.

Information huts 
There will also be info points where you will find guidance and the festival’s programme.

  • Place Louis Pradel, open noon to 7 pm on 3, 4 and 7 December
    noon to 11 pm from 8 to 10 December and noon to 9 pm on 11 December.
  • Place de la République, open noon to 7 pm on 3, 4 and 7 December
    noon to 11 pm from 8 to 10 December and noon to 9 pm on 11 December.
  • Place Edouard Commette (Vieux-Lyon): noon to 7 pm on 7 December
    noon to 4 pm from 8 to 11 December 

You will also be able to get the programme and information at accredited ONLYLYON reception desks on request and at certain shops in the Presqu’île district.

Souvenirs and goodies

Merchandise is available at, certain shops in the Presqu’île district and the pop-up kiosk on Place Bellecour during the festival.

Access, come and move in Lyon during the festival of lights 

Getting around on foot

The Presqu’île district is open to pedestrians via access points every day during the festival.
Only the following footbridges will be closed during the Fête des Lumières, on 8, 9 and 10 December from 6 pm to 1 am, and 11 December from 4 to 11 pm:

  • Passerelle du Palais de Justice 
  • Passerelle de l'Homme de la Roche
  • Passerelle Saint-Vincent

The festival area will be closed to traffic. This restriction also applies to motorcycles, electric scooters and bicycles.
Animals are forbidden in parks within this zone.

TCL public transport network 

First and foremost, to get around town, leave your car at home and use public transport! 
During the festival, the metro (until 2 am), tramway and specific bus lines will run more frequently on 7, 8 and 9 December.
You can pay for and validate your tickets directly using your bank card.

  • On the 8th of December, public transport is free from 4 pm until the end of the service.
  • On the other three days, on 7, 9 and 10 December 2023, journeys will be unlimited from 4 pm (from 5pm on Sunday) until the end of the service with the ticket ‘TCL en fête’ priced at €3.50.
  • Long duration tickets: 24 hr (€6.50), 48 hr (€12.50) and 72 hr (€17)
  • Family ticket at €6.50: unlimited access for 2 to 5 people travelling together (with or without family ties), with a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children aged 4 to 17.

All information (tickets, park-and-ride, etc.) on

Come by TGV high-speed train: book early, as 8000 seats at discounted Prem's prices are available for passengers. Further information

If you come by car: car parks and traffic

Do not hesitate to let your car in one of the 23 parc-and-ride and take the TCL public transportation.
More information

The Presqu’île is closed to vehicle traffic*:

  • On 8, 9 and 10 December from 6 pm to 2 am
  • On 11 December from 4 pm to midnight

*Times are given as an indication and may be modified by the organisers

Parking on the following streets will be forbidden from midday every day of the Festival*:

Rue Edouard Herriot, Rue Paul Chenavard, Rue de Brest, Rue Gasparin, Rue Emile Zola, Rue des Archers, Rue Childebert (from Place des Jacobins to Rue de la République), Rue Jean de Tournes (from Place des Jacobins to Rue de la République), Rue Jules Fabre, Rue du Président Carnot.

*Zones may be modified by the organisers.

Paid car parks: 

Car parks open during the festival:  

Car park reserved for people with reduced mobility: 
Car park provided on Rue du Garet. The parking spaces are between rue du Bat d'Argent and rue de L'Arbre Sec, accessible from quai Jean Moulin.

Please note: important information on driving inside the security perimeter

  • The following car parks are not included and are open during the festival: Indigo Tolozan (near Opéra House), LPA Cordeliers, LPA confluence, LPA Gros Caillou, LPA Rozier (only for LPA subscribers), LPA Saint-Just.
  • The following car parks will be closed (entrances and exits) from 6 p.m. to midnight on 8 and 9 December, and 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on 10 and 11 December: LPA Antonin Poncet, Indigo Bellecour, LPA Célestins, LPA Grôlée, LPA République, LPA Hôtel de Ville, LPA Terreaux, Tupin Central Park, LPA Saint-Jean
  • Access closed but exit possible: LPA Bourse, LPA Saint-Georges (against the flow of traffic via Rue Saint-Georges),
  • Access open but exit closed: LPA Saint-Antoine.

Further information

Reminder about the 'ZFE' Low Emissions Zone

Car parks for tourist coaches during the Fête des Lumières

Car parks provided on Quai Augagneur, Quai Sarrail, with additional parking possible on Quai Rambaud.

 More information for professionals on