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Les parcs et jardins labellisés de la métropole lyonnaise

L'exigence au service de la nature

Close to nature

Last updated date : 11/04/2024

These are places where people go for a stroll, to smell the scents of spring flowers in bloom, or simply to recharge their batteries. Skilled gardeners work hard behind the scenes to maintain the splendid beauty of Lyon’s parks and gardens.

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It is a little-known fact that many of these green spaces have been awarded national and even international certifications in recognition of upkeep efforts made by their public and private owners.

Remarkable gardens in and around Lyon

Like all living things, gardens have an individual spirit and energy.

The ‘Jardin remarquable’ (remarkable gardens) certification is awarded to gardens that meet specific requirements and quality criteria related to composition (spatial organisation), integration in the site and quality of surroundings, remarkable features (water, industrial buildings, plant architecture, etc.), botanical interest, historical interest, maintenance and management planning. 

  • Tête d'Or Park. This certification has been awarded to Tête d’Or Park. The botanical garden is nothing short of a living museum, showcasing the wonderful diversity of our planet’s plant life. The garden is formed of 6500 m² of greenhouses and is home to 15,000 botanical species. The park is also listed as a ‘Monument Historique’ (historical monument) and holds the ‘EcoJardin’ certification for its north and east sections.
  • La Bonne Maison. Reopened on the 1st of March, this private garden covering 9500 sq. m, created by Odile Masquelier, boasts one of the largest private collections of heritage roses. They are grown in a landscaped setting, alongside shrubs, bulb plants and perennials. La Bonne Maison welcomes visitors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:30 am to 1 pm, and on Saturday by appointment.
  • Gerland Park. This contemporary park is also proud to be listed as a ‘remarkable garden’! It is formed of expansive meadows, a boardwalk made of adobe and wood, and a linear garden running alongside a canal. Known as the ‘mégaphorbiaie’ (megaphorb), this garden is home to no less than 300 common plant species, including grasses, perennials, vegetables and medicinal plants Gerland Park also holds the ‘EcoJardin’ (eco-garden) certification.
  • Domaine de Lacroix-Laval is a holder of the ‘EcoJardin’ and ‘Jardin remarquable’ certifications. The former is in recognition of its environmentally friendly management approach, while the latter is for its visual, cultural and botanical appeal. Covering 134 hectares of natural spaces, this estate offers a multi-faceted landscape, including a French-style garden lined with hundred-year-old trees, a kitchen garden and greenhouse that develop different areas of local horticulture, wooded spaces but also natural glades. In the historical rose and kitchen gardens, remarkable fruits, vegetables and flowers from the local area are kept, including heirloom varieties, which you can explore virtually.

Lyon’s environmentally-certified parks and gardens

The ‘EcoJardin’ (eco-garden) certification is awarded for a global approach to ecological site management promoting sustainable development. There are quite a few such sites in Lyon and its metropolitan area. Here is an exhaustive list, but don’t hesitate to consult the EcoJardin website to keep up with newly awarded certifications.

  • In Lyon’s 4th district, Parc de la Cerisaie is an important ecological asset for the fauna and flora of the balme (the hillsides, slopes and banks running alongside Lyon’s rivers).
  • Parc Chambovet , in Lyon’s 3rd district, has many facilities designed to promote insect life, including bee hotels, removable slabs for insects and herb spirals.
  • The Jardin des Plantes and the Amphithéâtre des Trois-Gaules in Lyon’s 1st district. An educational trail has been laid by the municipal authority to discover remarkable trees along a path connecting the various green spaces. The Amphithéâtre des Trois-Gaules, reserved for archaeological works, is opened to the public during specified periods, including the European Heritage Days.
  • The Parc de Saône between Cours Bayard (northern boundary) and the Gabriel-Rosset garden (southern boundary), includes several gardens – Jardin d’Erevan, Jardin Aquatique Ouagadougou and Jardin Jean-Couty – and strips of flower beds. It was also certified by the WWF in 2010. 
  • Parc Sergent Blandan is formed of woods, dry wasteland, a rewilded area and lawns covering the defensive ditches of the former barracks, providing a diverse range of habitats with ecological potential. This park in Lyon’s 7th district is popular with locals.
  • Parc du Vallon in Lyon’s 9th district. This park’s gardeners carefully monitor the birds, butterflies and meadow. It is home to various bird species, including great spotted and green woodpeckers, jays, tits and nuthatches. Squirrels, grass snakes and slow-worms can also be spotted, as well as alpine newts, tadpoles and midwife toads in the stream.

Many lovely strolls await you!