Welcome to L’Argot, a butchers-cum-restaurant, or should that be a restaurant and butchers in one? Whatever you call it, the concept is simple and effective: at L’Argot, you can choose your meat in the butcher’s shop and eat it directly in the restaurant. Though there is also a menu packed with delicious meats.

These are all carefully selected, cooked and seasoned. Make sure to book a table, as meat this good is hard to come by. Here are a few of the varieties that sound as good as they taste: “Noir de Bigorre pork, Rubia Gallega beef, Aveyron lamb and Aberdeen Angus beef”. Mouth-watering!

What the locals say // Alexandre J, Lyon 6th district:

While you’re seated at your table, customers come to the butcher’s to pick up their meat, while other diners are also walking over to choose their lunch. This creates a really unique atmosphere that’s fun and surprising. It’s almost like your table was in the middle of a market! My 400-gram Limousin rib steak was succulent! I thoroughly enjoyed every bite”.