How did you continue the family tradition in the USA?

By sharing our wonderful French gastronomy! With our restaurants and our bakeries/cake shops at Disney World in Orlando, we introduce new cuisine to Americans. We want to educate our customers about an essential part of our heritage with traditional dishes described by our French teams, and entice them to come and taste these specialities in France.

Brasserie Le Nord - © Jeff Nalin

What are your plans for the Bocuse brasseries in Lyon?

I simply want to carry on what my father began. The brasseries must keep our Bocuse trademark: generous cuisine made with excellent products – all in a very friendly atmosphere. People feel good in our restaurants, and that’s how we keep our local customers coming back for more!

Which Bocuse brasserie would you recommend to us in order to discover Lyon gastronomy?

For Lyon-style cuisine, I would recommend our historic brasserie, le Nord! For a festive atmosphere, you could go to l’Est, which is a very nice place L’Ouest is very pleasant in the summer with its terrace facing the Saône river. Le Sud serves excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The four points of the compass can satisfy all your desires! Our two other restaurants, Fond Rose and Marguerite, offer ideal settings for a romantic dinner or a family gathering.

What are your favourite Bocuse dishes?

I love specialities from Lyon, tête de veau (calf's head) and a local version of andouillette (sausage made with calf's ruffle). I love my father's incredible Valéry Giscard d'Estaing soup, served at the 3-star restaurant in Collonges… and his macaroni gratin! That's Bocuse's secret - simplicity and generosity: values that I want to maintain as I pick up the torch. 

His favourites from Lyon 

Where can you enjoy an andouillette (sausage made with calf's ruffle) and a quenelle (a meat- or fish-flavoured soufflé)? 
At Daniel et Denise. It's a must!

Where can you meet "real" locals from Lyon?
Over a nice plate of Oysters at the Halles Paul Bocuse. 

Where ca you party? 
In the Brotteaux district.

Where can you go for a romantic walk? 
In Vieux-Lyon.

Where can you buy a souvenir of Lyon? 
Go to Canova for a beautiful silk scarf.