We are right in between Burgundy, Beaujolais, and the Rhône, and have easy access to less known regions like our own local Coteaux du Lyonnais, Bugey, and the Savoie. There's no excuse to drink bad wine here in Lyon!

While the city is full of wonderful wine shops, or cavistes, here are some of Caroline's favorite places to shop for wine.

Lyon's Local Vineyards

If you have a car, you must make friends with a winemaker. Here's the scoop on her favorite local winemaker, you're welcome!

Domaine de Prapin

This tiny organic domain is in our very own appellation Coteaux du Lyonnais. Don't expect to see that name outside of Lyon, much less outside of France. These wines never get far before they're gobbled up!

Domaine de Prapin is independently run by the Jullian family, where four generations currently live on the property. Winemaker Lucie is committed to sustainable farming and winemaking, and enjoys experimenting with new grapes and old methods.

Gamay is the most important grape in this region, but don't expect it to taste just like Beaujolais, it tends to be much richer. Chardonnay is also significant, but the family also make Viognier and Gamaret - a grape that Lucie fell in love with during her winemaking degree in Switzerland.

Because Coteaux du Lyonnais is not a well known region and most of it doesn't go very far, it offers extraordinarily good value for quality, and it's only 20 minutes away from the city!While every single one of Domaine de Prapin's wines are frankly incredible, her two favorites are these:

  • Antica Blanc Coteaux du Lyonnais (Chardonnay)
    This is a classic small batch Burgundian style Chardonnay. Hand picked from select parcels, the wines see 8 months in new oak barrels. Lucie doesn't make a lot of this, so Carline tries to buy it up before the spring!
    €11 per bottle
  • 1903 "l'Excellence" Coteaux du Lyonnais (Gamay) 
    This very special wine comes from old vines indeed, a parcel planted in 1903. The Gamay is sorted by individual berries to only use the finest fruit, which then slowly transform into a wine of serious depth and power. This is not your average Gamay, it is intense and has plenty of tannins and body. This is a wine to decant and even save for a few years!
    €13 per bottle

Great Wine Shops in Lyon

Of course Lyon has many wonderful wine shops, too many to name! Here are Caroline's favorites in no particular order.

Le Troisième Fleuve

Caroline has always loved this caviste because they have a great selection and friendly service. Owner Vincent speaks English, and is always quick to chat about wine and help me pick out great stuff.

They specialize in natural wine and Beaujolais, as you could expect from the name (Beaujolais is considered to be the Third River of Lyon).

Le Troisième Fleuve has two locations, one in the 1st right behind the Musée des Beaux Arts, and the original location on Grande Rue de Vaise in the 9th.
Le Troisième Fleuve Lyon 9
23 Grande Rue de Vaise
69009 Lyon
+33(0)9 87 02 52 60
Le Troisième Fleuve Lyon 1
3 Rue de Plâtre
69001 Lyon
+33(0)9 73 14 72 32

La Cave Ô Papilles

This gorgeous shop in the 3rd is also focused on natural and organic wines, although it has a wide selection of 800+. Run by caviste Anaïs, the shop also sells fine food products. 
Caroline has had success here when she needs to find good quality foreign wines, and Anaïs carries fortified wines and plenty of artisanal spirits as well.
A particular speciality is whisky, and La Cave Ô Papilles is home to the Lyon Whisky Club. 
La Cave Ô Papilles
97 Avenue Maréchal de Saxe
69003 Lyon
+33(0)9 50 79 18 01

La Cave ô Papilles


Another wonderful independent wine shop committed to natural, sustainable wines, run by a very nice person. Do you see the theme here?
This shop sources from small producers, with plenty of great local wines. Vercoquin is known for hosting wonderful events and salons, and is worth keeping tabs on.
Owner Fred is just a great guy, and he also happens to speak English!
33 Rue de la Thibaudière
69007 Lyon
+33(0)4 78 69 43 87

Maison Malleval

Malleval take decoration very seriously, so for extra Christmas vibes you will want to make sure to head here.

Right next to Bellecour, this is one Lyon's classic wine emporiums.

Founded in 1869, this enormous store is still family owned and boasts over 5000 different wines, including plenty of old and rare wines. They also have a large epicerie. This place really is just beautiful!
Maison Malleval
11 Rue Émile Zola
69002 Lyon
+33(0)4 78 42 02 07

Antic Wine

And it wouldn't be a list of Lyon wine shops without mentioning Antic Wine.
CThis is a favorite in Vieux Lyon, where tiny storefront hides two floors of incredible wine. This is always Caroline's first port of call when looking for world wines, they have a great selection.
Make sure to go downstairs to dark cellar to look at all of the fine wines and large formats.
Antic Wine
18 Rue du Bœuf
69005 Lyon
+33 (0)4 78 37 08 96

Of course, in the gastronomic capital of France, these are just the tip of the iceberg! Lyon is a fabulous city filled to the brim with amazing wines and wine shops. What's your favorite?

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