While you can find hidden gems at garage sales, at the Notre-Dame des Sans Abris junk shop (Lyon 9th arrondissement) or at Emmaüs (Vénissieux, Villeurbanne or Lyon 3rd arrondissement), second-hand clothing shops offer you a fantastic selection of vintage and contemporary fashion items:

  • Carrie Bradshop (17 rue Romarin, Lyon 1st arrondissement): at Yvo and Patrick-Pierre’s boutique, vintage meets chic, sequin and couture with stunning items from YSL, Dior and others, alongside non-branded but highly sought-after items. Enjoy great prices and fashion advice from the owners in a friendly atmosphere!
  • Fripesketchup (25 rue du Sergent Blandan, Lyon 1st arrondissement): an elegant selection of items in a very trendy setting, all thoughtfully put together by Olivier.
  • La Pure Second Hand (59-61 rue Montesquieu, Lyon 7th arrondissement): finally! a second-hand shop where men can find great clothes too thanks to La Pure’s unisex selection.
© Fripesketchup


Upcycling is the art of giving value to used materials and products by giving them a vibrant second life.

Since 2017, both people and products have benefitted from a second life at Atelier Emmaüs. Located in Villeurbanne, Atelier Emmaüs is a carpentry school specialising in professional integration through handcraft and design. In addition to furnishing and collaborative manufacturing activities, Atelier Emmaüs offers a selection of items from renowned designers, from Ferréol Babin to Ionna Vautrin and Lisa Lejeune from Lyon. Visit atelier-emmaus.org to support this wonderful project.

Take advantage of the next Ciguë Vintage sale! On top of regularly setting up pop-up shops, this associative second-hand clothing shop sets up for specific events or can be visited by appointment! All items are hand-picked and sorted by the reintegration employees of the Notre-Dame des Sans Abri shelter (the same one we just mentioned!), and unsold items are recycled into fabric insulation. As such, all items are recycled in order to limit the impact on the environment. Find long-lasting quality at remarkable prices! Here’s your shot at hunting down that sweater that you dreaded so much in your youth, but is now the epitome of cool!