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Souvenirs and gifts made in Lyon

Plenty of ideas for your shopping list!

Local and authentic addresses

Last updated date : 16/11/2023

What if you brought back a sustainably and locally made gourmet souvenir that reflects your stay? Here are a few ideas!

Richard Sève - la tarte à la praline

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'Fabriqué à Lyon' (made in Lyon) quality Label

To promote local know-how, the City of Lyon created the ‘Fabriqué à Lyon’ (Made in Lyon) quality label, aimed at offering a guarantee of authenticity to consumers by certifying products that are created, produced or transformed within the territory of Lyon.

In order to be 'Fabriqué à Lyon'-certified, products must meet quality criteria in terms of know-how, local production and the origin of raw materials. The City of Lyon would also like these criteria to be accompanied by an environmental and social responsibility approach.

Four product categories have been defined: fashion and design, manufactured products, artisanal food and decorative items, design and craftwork.

There are currently more than 100 certified products in Lyon.

Please, click here to discover the list of products to bring back as a souvenir of Lyon!

The gourmet specialities of Lyon

It would be a shame to not try our culinary specialities – they are an essential part of the Lyon experience! A praline tart from Sève? A 'Coussin de Lyon' from Voisin ? A 'Jesus de Lyon' sausage, rosette sausage by La Maison Duculty? ... Here are a few locations that offer delicacies that can only be found in Lyon!

Tarte à la praline © Shutterstock_369568298

Lyon’s specialities

Do you like to eat? You're in for a treat in Lyon! Savoury or sweet specialities, to taste on the spot or take away as a souvenir... Food lovers beware!


Gifts linked to Lyon’s traditional Silk expertise

In Lyon, silk is sacred. For those who like fine fabrics, we recommend visiting the shop Brochier Soieries. And how about a unique item from Sophie Guyot or a beautiful wild silk scarf from CathAm?

boutique Sophie Guyot © Guyot

Silk made in Lyon

Scarves, shawls and other silk accessories made in Lyon are waiting for you in these renowned Lyon boutiques.