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10 sustainable experiences to be had, without compromise!

Here are ten experiences to be had in Lyon, for an amazing, memory-filled stay.

Experiences to live

Last updated date : 06/03/2024

You can enjoy all Lyon has to offer while respecting the places and people around you.

Les Berges du Rhône face au Grand Hôtel-Dieu © Tristan Deschamps / ONLY LYON Tourisme et Congrès

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Stroll around Lyon

01 - Hop into the cable car and admire the city from the panoramic viewpoint on Fourvière hill. 

Lyon has many green transport options to choose from and all public transports means can be accessed for free with the Lyon City Card.
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Traboule du Vieux-Lyon © Brice Robert

02 - Wander through the traboules in the Vieux-Lyon and Croix-Rousse areas.

An essential part of the city’s cultural heritage, the hidden passageways known as ‘traboules’ can be found, among other places, in Vieux-Lyon (Lyon’s old town), which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The traboules are in residential areas, so please read the Charter of Good Practices, which has been established to help local residents and visitors enjoy the city together.
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03 - Cycle along the banks of the Rhône River

The banks of the Rhône and Saône have been redeveloped to create dozens of kilometres of walks for locals and tourists. A specially designed path has been provided for wheelchair users.
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The Culture ans Leisure Pass

Metro, bus, tram, funicular, all transport is accessible with the Lyon City Card! Get around with complete peace of mind.


Quenelle de Brochet - Daniel et Denise © Julien Bouvier

Taste Lyon's specialities

04 - Enjoy a quenelle (a creamed fish-flavoured soufflé) in one of Lyon's "bouchon" restaurants

The 'Véritable Bouchon Lyonnais' label guarantees the quality of produce and dishes served, as well as the authenticity of the ambiance and welcome offered, in certified establishments.

05 - Enjoy a Sunday morning aperitif at Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse.

A temple dedicated to gastronomy, les Halles de Lyon - Paul Bocuse is an indoor food market where you will find a mouth-watering range of local specialities. A magnet for food lovers, it pays tribute to a region renowned for its diversity of local produce, known as the “pantry of Europe”.
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Discover the architectural curiosities of Lyon

Le Cube Orange à la Confluence © Jacob+MacFarlane

06 - Be amazed by the orange cube in the Confluence district.

The Confluence district is a showcase for contemporary architecture and eco-building. It is also a laboratory for many innovations, such as the iGirouette connected signage.
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07 - Find Lyon’s wall paintings.

Lyon has developed its own unique brand of  wall painting and there is even a school dedicated to the art near the city. Discover these huge works of art. You can also take a guided tour (in French) to learn all about wall paintings and street art in general!
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Fall for the silk of Lyon

08 - Treat yourself to a silk square in the city of the Canuts.

Silk, has shaped Lyon’s history and traditional silk-weaving techniques are preserved and passed down to future artisans by several workshops. Today, silk manufacturers are innovating with designer creations and R&D for technical textiles.
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Take part in Lyon's festivities

Fête des Lumières - Place des Terreaux ©

09 - Take part in the Fête des Lumières

Lyon’s Festival of Lights cares about the environment. Thanks to the use of LEDs and public lighting management, electricity consumption for the 4 four-day festival does not exceed the annual consumption of a 120 m² apartment.

10 - Discover the world of cinema

Lyon is the cradle of cinema and birthplace of the Lumière brothers, Lyon accueille chaque année le festival du même nom, un événement ouvert à tous, destiné à ouvrir la culture cinématographique, ancienne ou récente, au plus grand nombre.
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