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What to do in Lyon in June?

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Last updated date : 03/05/2024

June is a fine time to be in the Lyon metropolitan area. People eagerly await the arrival of summer and the city buzzes with excitement! The festival season begins with the famous ‘Nuits de Fourvière’, people stock up on comic books before the holidays at the ‘Lyon BD festival’, and the Lyon Street Food Festival takes food lovers on a culinary journey… June is a happening month!

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Music and concerts in Lyon in June

The most eagerly awaited event in Lyon at the beginning of summer has to be ‘Nuits de Fourvière’! Each year, since 1946, in June and July, the festival has offered more than 150 performances, including concerts, drama, dance, opera, circus arts and more… All this in a unique setting: an exceptional ancient site overlooking the city. There are also other opportunities to listen to music outdoors and indoors, including the iconic ‘Fête de la Musique’ (Music Day) held on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Shows in Lyon in June

In addition to the programme of ‘Nuits de Fourvière’, there are many shows to be enjoyed in June: circus arts with the festival ‘utoPistes’; drama with ‘Prix Incandescences’ at the Théâtre National Populaire and Théâtre des Célestins, which supports regional creativity; and street theatre and music with ‘Les Invites de Villeurbanne’, a lively free festival (held on even years).

Exhibitions in Lyon in June

In June, don’t miss the ‘Journées européennes de l'archéologie‘ (European Archaeology Days)! Each year, it offers a glimpse behind the scenes of archaeology research throughout France, and in the Lyon metropolitan area of course. The programme includes walks, guided tours and workshops for children and adults. 

June’s food event: Lyon Street Food Festival

The Lyon Street Food Festival is a truly unmissable culinary experience! Over the course of four days, Michelin-starred chefs, experts in bistronomy and new talents gather. They all come to Lyon on a mission to delight as many gourmets as possible with their affordable street-food creations. The programme also includes participative workshops, live music and DJ sets. Is your mouth watering yet?     


Lyon Street Food Festival

Quai Pierre-Sémart Rue Gabriel-Péri - 69350 La Mulatière

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In Lyon, we love comics! 

Lyon and comics are a real love story! So what could be more natural than to celebrate the ninth art form every year? That's what the Lyon BD Festival has been doing in June since 2006, bringing together comic book writers in the city's major cultural institutions...


Lyon BD Festival

4 place Lieutenant-Morel - 69001 Lyon 1er

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