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Intérieur Queer Festival

Live music & concerts

Last updated date : 04/04/2024

This event offers both fun and food for thought, with its panorama of queer French and European cultures in the very heart of Greater Lyon.

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The artists celebrated here are one-of-a-kind, transgender, or simply do not fall into any category – so come enjoy the full programme of music events at the Intérieur Queer Festival!

The queer culture festival ‘Intérieur Queer’ is a place where all kinds of people can come together and exchange ideas, as well as discover music and art. It is a celebratory gathering that questions representations of gender and sexual identity, while providing a platform for contemporary music.

Festival 2024 highlights:
- Inaugural talk - Thursday, July 11 from 6:30pm to 7:45pm at HEAT

- Drag Rendez-vous - Thursday, July 11 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm at HEAT

- With Us and Le Consœurtium - Thursday, July 11 from 11pm to 5am at Le Sucre (€15)
Artists: Desire b2b Fleur From Desire, I.Jordan, Mars O10c b2b Reine Mayr

- Voguing Ball, Hosted by The Legendary Vinii Revlon - Friday, July 12, 7-11pm at HEAT: After the triumph of Lyon's first voguing competition in 2022 and 2023, the 2024 edition sees the return of this acclaimed event to HEAT, on the Friday of July 12, once again with free access!

- Jamais le Mardi x La Sueur - Friday, July 12, 11pm-5am at Le Sucre (€15)

- Garçon Sauvage XXL - Saturday, July 13, 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. at Le Transbordeur (€29): the flamboyant Garçon Sauvage once again takes over Le Transbordeur, with live performances and DJ sets in succession for a colorful, costume-filled party. An emblematic event, Garçon Sauvage is much more than a party. It's a rendezvous, a festive communion during which bodies are set free, and beauties are revealed in their only truths of being.
Combining modern musical programming with iconoclastic artistic performances, Garçon Sauvage transforms with each edition. Constantly evolving, it draws its DNA from its open-minded, caring LGBTQIA+ audience. Codes and genders are cross-dressed in festive madness. To be Garçon Sauvage is to be free.

- Closing - Sunday, July 14, 6pm-12pm at Le Sucre, with SPFDJ, Kirara and more to come...

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HEAT, Le Sucre, Le Transbordeur - 69123 Lyon




Free of charge.


From Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 July 2024.

Live music & concerts

Intérieur Queer Festival

Lieux divers

HEAT, Le Sucre, Le Transbordeur - 69123 Lyon

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