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All our loves


Last updated date : 13/02/2024

Love is in the air in Lyon thanks to the new exhibition at the Musée des Confluences.

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The intoxicating exhibition of the Musée des Confluences

You may have noticed posters with hearts on them dotted around the city, like a huge declaration of love. They’re not the work of Cupid (or are they?), but a tip of the hat to the exhibition À nos amours (All our loves). From the 20th of October 2023 to the 25th of August 2024, the Musée des Confluences is getting all mushy!

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All our loves

86 quai Perrache - 69002 Lyon 2ème

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Love in all its forms at the Musée des Confluences

What is love? How did people say ‘I love you’ in Antiquity? What’s a ‘sext’? Why do people say they have ‘butterflies in their stomach’? Do animals feel love? This is a vast topic. With ‘All our loves’, the Musée des Confluences is bravely lifting the lid on an unusual subject for this museum of the history of the living world and humanity: love, friendship, passion, desire... From 20 Oct 2023 to 25 Aug 2024, dive into your emotions as you explore all the various ways to love. 

Adapted from De l’amour, presented by the Palais de la Découverte in Paris in 2019-2020, Lyon’s exhibition offers its own take on love through some 150 objects, mainly from the museum’s collections, but also loans that illustrate popular practices and traditions.

Mad passion: the exhibition design 

With a new design aiming to create an emotional experience, this exhibition throws some light on the emotions that keep us together: love, friendship, family relationships, desire... Prepare yourself for an intoxicating exploration, through time, cultures, beliefs and technologies, to unravel a feeling that is universal and yet so complex. The tools at your disposal to delve into this fascinating feeling include chemistry, sociology, ethnology, art and more.

With ‘All our loves’, the Musée des Confluences is adopting a playful, romantic approach. Dotted around the displays and exhibits are emotion-filled scenes of everyday life, including a cinema and a dancefloor, complete with a disco ball and vintage jukebox with a love-inspired playlist, inviting visitors to move their feet... 

Sweet nothings: visitors are invited to interact with the exhibition

The leitmotifs running through ‘All our loves’ are experiencing and feeling, with an exhibition trail focussed on experimentation. Themed alcoves offer a chance to touch, listen and test. You can listen to love songs (the perfect moment to reveal a crush!), leaf through a book in a library, or print a calligram to take away (another way to express your love!).

With all this, there are no more excuses to keep your love bottled up.

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All your loves: the programme

In resonance with ‘All our loves’, the Musée des Confluences has come up with a whole programme of culture and science around the theme of love. This includes two night-time openings: "Saint-Valentin avant l’heure” (An early Valentine's Day), on Thursday 1 Feb 2024, to see a pick of the 150 most beautiful on-screen kisses, chosen by Luc Lagier and the team of the cinema webmagazine ‘Blow Up’; followed on Thursday 2 May by "Les chemins du cœur” (Paths to the heart), an evening of music with the centre of vocal arts Spirito and a choir formed of 80 pupils from neighbouring schools.


The Musée des Confluences

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