Already much appreciated by the French thanks to the legendary characters of Monty Python and Mr Bean, British humour still has plenty of laughter in store! Thanks to the new guard, and the excellent mini-series "What The Fuck France" by stand-up comedian Paul Taylor, English humour is now making its mark on the French scene.In Lyon, you can now enjoy original “dub-free” performances during 100% English-speaking evenings, to add a bit of madness to your evening outings!

Head for Le Complexe Café-Théâtre on the last Tuesday of every month to enjoy its “What’s up Lyon?” stand-up comedy evenings, devoted mainly to improvisation and sketches.

During the “Why not?” evenings at the Improvidence theatre, improvisations unfold before your very eyes. In English, of course!

So whether you're an English-speaker or an Anglophile, here's your chance to enjoy an evening of entertainment under the banner of the Union Jack.

Are you ready for a laugh?