L’Officine, a natural satellite of the Grand Réfectoire, an exceptional bar at the foot of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu's Grand Dôme. While it has a natural link with science due to its location, L’Officine has devoted itself to experimentations in mixology. A world of mysterious, artistic, magical and almost alchemical recipes…

With a unique personality and a form of style and elegance that can only be found in Lyon, this establishment looks set to become timeless.

The interior plays with lights and shadows, featuring deep green pleated fabrics, dark woods and copper plating. The lighting varies throughout the day, from solar orange to dark amber.

With music varying from lounge to more upbeat styles, the ambiance in L’Officine varies from day to day, hour to hour and depending on the mood of the clientele. 
On Fridays and Saturdays, the colourful cocktails reflect the livelier weekend mood created by a DJ set.

In addition to a rich selection of traditional drinks, Marc Bonneton and David Capdeville, the prize-winning barmen take pleasure in creating a limited selection of superb cocktails. Six classic and essential elixirs are magnified by half a dozen signature recipes, created by illustrious barmen. They feature an iconic ingredient that is explored to create almost medicinal balms for the soul and delights for the taste buds.

L’Officine brightens your days, nights and memories with as much liveliness and identity as a splash of tonic in your glass. Cheers!

In the days when the Grand Hôtel-Dieu was a hospital, the "Officine", or dispensary, was the place where chemists prepared all the medicinal products. But from now on, this location will be home to true masters of liquid experimentation, busy preparing cocktails that will do wonders for your morale! With a menu containing a dozen potions created by several famous barmen, including l’Antiquaire's virtuoso Marc Bonneton, L’Officine will ensure you feel good.. 
PS: Unfortunately, this sweet deal isn't reimbursed by the healthcare system.