Set in an unusual location, the former water treatment plant is the ideal location to discover eclectic, high-quality line-ups.

Along with “Le Transbo Club” space, the versatility of this venue is also one of its strengths, with two halls that can be adapted for intimate concerts or private cocktail events, as well as flea markets, antique fairs and even an open-air cinema in summer thanks to the huge car park!

This place was designed for a purpose and its name really says it all. It strives to build an artistic bridge between members of the audience and the performers, to unite them through music. And it
does so quite perfectly. This venue focuses on shared emotions and the sort of intimacy that is truly conducive to exchanges...

This is a home-away- from-home (with 1,800 guests to boot)! “Le Transbo” certainly doesn't lack references. You only have to take a look at its line-up over the past years! Despite all the famous faces who have performed here, this place remains humble and offers a great opportunity to discover and support young local talent, and for that reason alone, it';s well work coming here in droves.