Jeune visiteur à l'Institut Culturel du Judaisme © Jean-Claude Dortmann

With this in mind, the ICJ wants to become a forum for discussions and meetings between the different social and religious communities that make up our society.

The ICJ is open to all and aimed at young people, particularly middle- and high-schoolers, plus young people from other religions. 

The educational experience has been designed to surprise visitors and arouse their curiosity using a dynamic approach.
It is organised around the following themes: >the history of the Jewish people >religion and religious practices >antisemitic prejudices >the place of Jews in France. 

To ensure this experience is suited to all visitors and as attractive as possible, the ICJ has invested in the latest modern technology: giant screens, digital tablets, virtual reality, etc.
By opening the doors of the Jewish community and faith to the general public, the ICJ wants to contribute to strengthening French values, particularly brotherhood between French citizens.