The city's landscape always takes newcomers by surprise as it includes two hills, two rivers, a Presqu’île (peninsula) and different districts with very distinctive atmospheres. Welcome to Lyon! In keeping with this diversity, you can also choose how you prefer to discover the city: classic, fun or unusual, to enjoy the city in your own way!

Touring on foot

Lyon is a city built on a human scale, and is therefore easy to fit into your touring plans. You may prefer to see it with a tourist guide, or in a more fun way to get an original insight into city life, or you may like to see Lyon’s heritage sites and hear its little-known anecdotes. Either way, you're sure to be astounded by Lyon's rich history!

From the Vieux-Lyon area to the Croix-Rousse district, with a series of unusual visits in between, our guided tours are anything but boring and stuffy!

Touring by bus

If you're only spending a short time in Lyon, you may prefer to rise above the crowd and get an overview of the city.

The Lyon City Bus will take you on a 1½ hour tour of Lyon's UNESCO-listed city centre and the new Confluence district. The tour is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

Touring by boat

Seeing as Lyon has been built up around two rivers, a boat tour is a must and a great way to discover the city! Cruising along the Rhône and Saône by day or night gives you an entirely different perspective, and the opportunity to relax and take in the stunning scenery.

Les Bateaux Lyonnais organises lunchtime and dinner cruises as a unique and romantic gourmet experience to be shared with a loved one.

In the evening or after work, try the Aperitivos aboard the Vaporetto for a moment of relaxation and conviviality, from March to the end of October.

Do you prefer going at your own pace? With Cap Confluent, you can hire a boat, with no licence needed, and set off from Place Nautique (next to the Confluence shopping centre) to navigate the river in total freedom!

Touring on an electric bicycle

With its two hills, Lyon has a challenging topography that can be effortlessly enjoyed thanks to an electric bicycle. These novel tours include discoveries and gourmet breaks, and you're bound to be rather proud of yourself as you survey the surrounding landscapes from the vantage point of Fourvière Hill after cycling all the way up!

Fourvière, Croix-Rousse, the river banks, Confluence, Tête d’Or Park… Allow yourself to be guided by the experts at Lyon Bike Tour, Comhic or Mobilboard, who will tell you about the city while ensuring your safety.

Touring on a Segway personal transporter

Taking you along the banks of the Rhône, through the parks and all the way to the heart of the city's historic site, these personal transporters are fun and a great way to see the city. A novel activity and an alternative mode of transport!

Touring in an unusual vehicle

You can also discover the city in an original way, for fun and unique experiences to be shared!

For two people, Cyclo City Tours help you explore or make your way around the city with a green transport option and great views. It’s more pleasant than the metro!

The city is yours!