Nature in Lyon’s city centre

More accessible and greener squares

As part of the redevelopment of the Presqu’Île district, Place Louis Pradel and Place Tolozan have been redesigned to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic, while giving more space to plants. 5200 m² of lawn will be laid and 60 trees will be planted on Place Louis Pradel. A pond and stream will also be created. Lastly, there will be a dedicated area for skaters to practice their art. Works are set to be completed in 2023.

A garden on the banks of the Saône

As part of the redevelopment of the banks of the Saône, the Terrasses de la Presqu’île plan, in the city centre, will move Saint-Antoine car park underground, freeing up 8500 m² of space that will be transformed into a garden along the river banks. The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.

A new lease of life for the Textile Arts Museum

In addition to a renovation of the two mansions where the museum is located (Villeroy and Lacroix-Laval), a contemporary extension will link the two buildings. The many new features include a façade formed of floating textiles, a modular space for temporary exhibitions and a “FabLab”, where artisanal textiles know-how will be presented and shared, as well as a “café culture”, a rooftop restaurant and a book shop. And not to forget the garden, of course, a precious green space in the city centre! 
This lively new space for discovery is eagerly awaited. 
Works to restore the existing buildings are underway. Construction works will begin in 2023.

L'Île Ô: a floating theatre on the banks of the Rhône

This is not a dream; it will soon be a reality! In 2022, a new stage dedicated to young audiences will float along the river banks. This contemporary floating stage will be created by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio. NL, a firm specialised in floating architecture, which designed the project initiated by the team at the Patadôme theatre in Irigny, with the approval of the French navigation authority. L’Île Ô, with its wooden cubic structures, will be located between Gallieni Bridge and Avenue Leclerc. Works will be commencing any time now.  

The Part-Dieu district redevelopment plan

A redesigned railway station

Phase 1 of the Part-Dieu multimodal transport hub renovation works, set for completion in 2023, will double the station’s surface area (making it one of Europe’s largest interchange stations), introduce new shops and services, and improve reception facilities and access points, as well as links with trams and buses, the coach station and bicycles (with a 1500-space bicycle park). The area around the station will be greened.

Lyon’s skyline grows with two new skyscrapers in the Part-Dieu district

At the end of 2022, on Rue des Cuirassiers, the 129-metre-high and 31,000 m² Silex² will welcome offices, services, co-working areas and modular spaces. It is scheduled to be delivered in the summer of 2021. Two innovative, connected and environmentally friendly buildings, and 1700 m² of greened terraces. The project designers are Ma Architecture and Arte Charpentier.

Rising to a height of 170 metres (making it Lyon’s second tallest skyscraper) and covering 80,000 m², To-Lyon will be home to offices, shops and services, as well as a 4-star hotel right next to the railway station. Architect Dominique Perrault has designed a contemporary glazed facade, in relief.  

Coco Lyon, a new restaurant at Gare des Brotteaux

This new restaurant will move into the former auction room in summer 2021. The architectural style of this magnificent room will be preserved and renovated, in order to create a room with capacity for 500 diners, where “charming, characterful cuisine” will be served. This project is led by Laurent de Gourcuff’s Paris Society group (Apicius and Rooftop Perruche in Paris).

Le futur restaurant Coco Lyon © Paris Society

An Asian forest at Tête d’Or Park

Following the African Plain, Lyon’s zoo is this year inaugurating its Asian forests. This huge project will create a unique immersive experience for visitors to the park, with a lush natural environment, helping to raise awareness of the need to preserve fauna and flora. A taste of adventure!

Looking east: OL Vallée continues to grow!

Following the large stadium, shop and museum, as well as the Kopster hotel, office buildings and a healthcare centre (bringing together twenty or so specialist medical fields), comes the TooFunPark leisure attraction:  laser tag, minigolf, futsal, ninja course, bowling, surfing pool, billiards, gym, funclimb and restaurants! 

We are particularly looking forward to the City Surf Park, which is set to open on the 5th of February! It will be Europe’s largest indoor surfing pool: Accessible for all levels, from novices to experienced surfers, this surf wave simulator promises a unique experience!
A beachbar and restaurant will be serving up healthy, home-made cuisine. What’s more, energy consumption will be limited. 

Because you don’t change a winning team, the ’All in Academy’, a high-level tennis training centre, with Jo Wilfried Tsonga and Thierry Ascione as trainers, will be opening in a few months’ time.

This will be followed by Aréna, France’s largest events venue outside of Paris, which will be located next to the stadium. 
Its capacity? 12,000 people for sports or e-sports events, and up to 16,000 for shows and concerts. The room will also be able to hold up to 4000 participants for conventions.

Aréna à OL Vallée © POPULUS