Place Sathonay

At the bottom of the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill, Place Sathonay is one of Lyon’s most well-known squares, and its reputation is well deserved! A bohemian atmosphere reigns here, with the players of pétanque (or boules lyonnaises), the big trees shading the entire square, and the many cafés and bars that give it the feel of a little southern French village.

Place des Célestins

Just off the Quai des Célestins, Place des Célestins boasts a superb location in the heart of Lyon’s Presqu’île district. With a setting that is calm (thanks to limited traffic) and majestic (thanks to the Théâtre des Célestins), it is the perfect spot for a break in between shops.

Place des Tapis

Where the Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse and Boulevard des Canuts meet, Place des Tapis is an excellent place to quench your thirst in peaceful surroundings, in the heart of Lyon’s 4th district. Beneath the shade of the plane trees, you can enjoy the terraces of this shopping square, designed for people to stop and have a break. Its unusual name is from the ‘tapis’, or ‘carpets’ of grass (lawns) that used to lie at the foot of the old ramparts.

Place de la Trinité

In the heart of Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), beneath the Montée du Gourguillon, Place de la Trinité is entirely paved and lined with old houses, such as the Maison du Soleil and its café. Place de la Trinité and the Café du Soleil inspired the traditional scenery of the Guignol puppet theatre. This charming, secluded square, with its rich history, never fails to please.

Place Ambroise Courtois

Located in Lyon’s 8th district, Place Ambroise Courtois is lively and surrounded by many shops. It is the main square of the Monplaisir neighbourhood and has a village feel. In the summer, films are screened on the back of the monument dedicated to the Lumière Brothers.

Péniche sur les Berges du Rhône © Tristan Deschamps




The bonus : Berges du Rhône

Following redevelopment works in recent years, the banks of the Rhône are today a place where people come together and relax, very popular with both locals and visitors. Reserved for green transport modes, they offer a superb setting for a drink with friends on a terrace, in particular thanks to the many barges and a stunning view of the Grand-Hôtel Dieu.


*Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health; please drink with moderation.