Here are five useful tips to help you immortalise your stay without going to too much trouble, and without ending up taking an endless number of disastrous pictures. We're not all professional photographers, after all…

The Musée des Confluences

Whether or not you like the deconstructed architecture of Wolf Dieter Prix, taking a photograph of this museum is quite a feat, given the profusion of surprising details, crazy structural forms and the overall grandeur of the building. If your picture is badly framed, just say that art is often the result of good fortune. And with that, you're sure to shine in social circles.

The panoramic view from the Jardin des Curiosités

Regardless of the weather (rain, snow, hailstones, plague of frogs) there's no denying that this view of the city and its surrounding area is unbeatable. In fact you can't go wrong. Lyon is beautiful even when the weather is not. And you may even be able to spot the Alps. But don't start zooming. You'll only get the shakes and ruin the whole effect.NB: This piece of advice also applies to the view from the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, if you can't be bothered to walk all the way to the Jardin des Curiosités.

The gates of Tête d'Or Park

Through the bars of this imposing and elegant wrought-iron gate, the first rays of an Indian summer warm the earth and invite walkers to scour Lyon's green lung in total safety. To be honest, even against the light, your pictures will be amazing. 

Ile Barbe

A wild island bang in the middle of the Saône. Roman remains. An age-old Romanesque church. A hanging bridge. Opulent residences. All the ingredients you need are here, within the confines of the 9th arrondissement. Don't hesitate to display your cultured side by telling people that its name comes from the Latin "insula barbara", which means wild island.

The statue of Louis XIV against the backdrop of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Of course it's a cliché. But that's exactly what we're on about, isn't it? This photograph is a must. It's got to be the easiest viewpoint to capture in Lyon. As long as you remember to remove the cap from the lens... 

PS: Now that we've shared our list of failproof locations with you, we're looking forward to seeing your best pictures with #onlylyon!