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Guided tours Unusual Vieux-Lyon
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A grand royal fair!

Your actor-guide transports you back to Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon) in the Renaissance. He plays a variety of roles in turn (without a costume), including the keeper of a well-known inn, a washerwoman on the banks of the Saône, an unscrupulous printer and an upper-middle-class lady.

These colourful characters tell you about their day-to-day lives, the vagaries of the royal fairs, and Lyon, their beautiful city, each in their own particular way.
As you follow their adventures, you learn about the history of sixteenth-century Lyon, the trade and craftsmanship that built the city’s fame, its architectural heritage, and a variety of humorous, moving and unusual anecdotes.
This dramatized tour takes you on a journey into the past, through the magnificent narrow streets of this historical district listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Worth knowing

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the tour commences
Booking is necessary
Cancellation free of charge 72 hours before schedule activity
tour recommended from the age of 12.

Health and safety commitments

In order to ensure the safety of our visitors, all tours provided by Cybele have been adapted with routes that enable physical distancing and compliance with applicable health regulations:

  • The guide and all participants aged 11 and above must wear a mask
  • A distance of 1 metre must be maintained between participants
  • Our guides are equipped with a hygiene kit
  • Out of respect for the inhabitants, we limit the passage in the traboules during the visit
  • Our guides alone make contact with objects (doors, light switches, etc.)



Theatrical tour of Vieux-Lyon


Metro D > Vieux-Lyon

Meeting point

Place Saint-Jean, next to the fountain - Lyon 5e

Single price €15.00

I traboule, you traboule...

In Lyon, the verb "trabouler" is now part of everyday language and means to "walk down a traboule" or "take a short cut". So don't be alarmed if, during your tour, the guides suggests doing a spot of trabouling!