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The poisoning of the Grand Dome

This storytelling tour of the former hospital Hôtel-Dieu takes visitors back to the seventeenth century, in the company of Poncette, a young baker’s apprentice who fed patients. Her friend Jeannot has just been brought to the Hôtel-Dieu and she watches over him.
One day, a new disease suddenly appears at the hospital. Is it an epidemic? It doesn’t look like the all too familiar plague... What if it was a deliberate poisoning?
Determined to save her friend from this illness, Poncette sets off on a dangerous investigation to find the real culprit!

Your storyteller-guide transports you to the heart of the bustling activity of Lyon’s main hospital in the seventeenth century. You will meet the doctors, surgeons, apothecaries, attending nuns and patients. You will also learn about the medical theory of the time, including practices such as bloodletting and plant remedies. The thrilling plot will bring the history of medicine back to life before your eyes.

A fictional story based on historical facts, it offers a chance to experience daily life as it was in this important building in Lyon’s history.

Worth knowing

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the tour commences
Booking is necessary
Cancellation free of charge 72 hours before schedule activity
Tour recommended from the age of 8.
Please note that the tour does not include entry to the buildings; everything takes place outdoors, in the Hôtel-Dieu’s courtyards, passages and cloisters.
This tour is accessible for wheelchair users
The tour ends by the Saint-Martin Courtyard of Hôtel-Dieu

Health and safety commitments

In order to ensure the safety of our visitors, all tours provided by Cybele have been adapted with routes that enable physical distancing and compliance with applicable health regulations:

  • The guide and all participants aged 11 and above must wear a mask
  • A distance of 1 metre must be maintained between participants
  • Our guides are equipped with a hygiene kit
  • Out of respect for the inhabitants, we limit the passage in the traboules during the visit
  • Our guides alone make contact with objects (doors, light switches, etc.)



Storytelling tour


Metro A et D > Bellecour

Meeting point

Place Amédée Bonnet, under the statue, rue Bellecordière - Lyon 2nd

Adult €15.00
Tarif enfant (- de 16 ans) €10.00


François Rabelais was a doctor at the Hôtel-Dieu, but was dismissed for absenteeism! He spent more time writing the novels that made him famous – Gargantua and Pantagruel – than attending patients.