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The Croix-Rousse Visits of neighbourhoods

This area is not only charming, it is a state of mind. People tend to think of themselves as inhabiting La Croix-Rousse before they think of Lyon!

It's worth remembering that its village atmosphere and bon vivant spirit are omnipresent: a large daily market, innumerable excellent food stores, restaurants, cafés with terraces, schools… 
This is a young area with a boho tendency. People here are friendly and like to party, share and be creative.
Many artists have moved to its slopes dotted with galleries, designer stores and café theatres.
Painted walls are investing the façades, and the area even has some of the loveliest specimens in the city!

Also worth knowing...

Around about 1808 Laurent Mourguet created Guignol, a puppet in his own image. 
Guignol, a silk worker, is anti-authority and a bon vivant. He appears alongside his wife Madelon and friend Gnafron.

And Croix-Rousse is also "the working hill"...

Croix-Rousse is an industrious Hill, the stronghold of Lyon's former silk workers, or canuts, and the silk industry since the 18th century. The buildings that are characteristic of the "pentes" or slopes, and connected by traboules, were specially designed at that time to house weaving machines in workshop apartments with high ceilings and windows that let in the light.
A tradition that has been kept alive by Soierie Vivante and La Maison des Canuts.
You're sure to love this original and lively district with its strong personality directly inherited from the canuts


Visit in pictures

From the traboules to the Mural of famous people of Lyon, go for a charming gentle slope walk through the silk workers’ district...