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An alternative tour of the Terreaux district with a focus on food!

As you enjoy the anecdotes told by your guide, explore the Terreaux district, with its painted walls, traboules (hidden passageways) and iconic landmarks.

During this food tour, you will meet local artisans who are passionate about what they do. They share their history, know-how and, of course, their delicious Lyonnais specialities, such as ‘brioche à la praline’ and ‘cervelle de canut’.
This afternoon tour includes four food breaks (and other surprises), to explore Lyon and its specialities, with a combination of cultural and culinary discoveries, before beginning your evening in the city.

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Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before the tour commences.
Booking is necessary
Cancellation free of charge 72 hours before schedule activity
Vegetarians are welcome




Walking tasty tour


Metro A and C > Hôtel de Ville Louis Pradel

Meeting point

In front of Paul Bocuse, on the painting wall of Famous Lyonnais - 2 rue de la Martinère - Lyon 1st

Adult €60.00


The cheese-based local speciality known as ‘cervelle de canut’ (‘silk worker’s brains’) is enjoyed by all nowadays. However, it used to be reserved for the working classes, in particular the ‘Canuts’, who used fromage frais and herbs instead of the much more expensive delicacy lamb’s brains!