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I love Lyon

This unusual tour will give you an insider's view of Lyon's very essence in just 2 hours! You'll be treated to all the weird and wonderful, moving, terrifying and comical details that make up the city's history. You'll get to enjoy some of our local specialities: marzipan Coussins, caramelised almond Pralines, Rosette sausage and Saint-Marcellin cheese. And above all, you'll be taken on a stroll through the most symbolic districts in Lyon: Fourvière with its basilica overlooking the city, and Vieux-Lyon with its famous traboules. You may even get to see the puppet Guignol...

Whether you're in the "Croix-Rousse", "Terreaux" or "Confluence" team, you'll need to be creative and use your imagination to answer the questions, and attempt to win a prize!

As they say here in Lyon "Not everyone can be born and bred in Lyon, some people have to come from other parts of the world."

Worth knowing

Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the tour commences.
You'll also get to walk down the 228 steps of the "montée des Chazeaux" (not recommended for those with sore knees or a pushchair)
Booking is necessary.
No cancellation fee 72 hours before the date of the tour




Storytelling tour


Funiculaire > Fourvière

Meeting point

At the exit of the funicular "Fourvière", Place de Fourvière - Lyon 5th

Single price €25.00

A close shave for Vieux-Lyon!

Two mayors, E. Herriot and L. Pradel, had intended to tear down this dilapidated quarter to build expressways. In 1962, André Malraux, the Minister of Culture, saved Vieux-Lyon, making it the first listed site in France.